allergies and diets

In most cases, we have something for you! We have lettuce wraps available, multiple vegan options, our fryer (and everything that goes into it!) is gluten free, and all of our ingredients are free of corn syrup. We do, however, work in a very small space, so if even minor contamination is a problem we probably can't accommodate you.

If you have a specific concern, please feel free to ask! A lot of our food is made in-house and we can get real detailed if you'd like.

why is your menu so small?

Compared to most restaurants, Humble Burger charges customers less and pays employees higher wages. To make up for our lower margins, we emphasize efficiency. It's our goal to do just a few things as well and as quickly as we can.

Our menu isn't this way because we think we have the best burger around and no other toppings need apply. Nobody has the best burger. We're just out to make a pretty good one.

American cheese? really?

American cheese is one of the most controversial things on our menu. We use American cheese because it is easy to handle, it melts quickly, and adds the right kind of texture to our burger.

American cheese gets a bad wrap these days. Contrary to popular belief, it's not made out of plastic. It's made out of real cheese (most often a blend of cheddar and colby), and then combined with emulsifiers to make it melty — it's a similar to the way you'd make gravy or jello.

We're not alone in our love of American cheese. Here's one award-winning chef and food scientist making a better defense than we ever could.