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Modest Music Fest  •  september 29&30 2018


Humble Burger proudly presents the second year of Modest Music Fest, featuring performances by 40+ bands at multiple venues in downtown Moscow on September 29 & 30th!


Humble Burger is dedicated to the music and art made right here in our community. We've absolutely loved hosting dozens of bands since we opened our restaurant in 2015, and want to continue to do our small part to grow the music scene on the Palouse. We've loved every minute of it and now we want to share our music community with the broader world. The Modest Music Fest is the next step on the path to placing this incredible place on the Northwest music map. 


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LIL B • Doug Martsch • Briana Marela • Chanti Darling • Bart Budwig • Bryan John Appleby • COSMOS • Chris Staples • Itchy Kitty • Strawberry Mountain • Charcoal Squids • Laika The Dog • Odyssey • Other Desires • Sun Blood Stories • SvpperClvb! • The Love Bunch • Triple Lutz • Meddling • Curse League • Dirt Russell • Faustina Masigat • Hallowed Oak • Griffey • Joseph Hein • Lloyd and Saviour • MAITA • Mise • Monica + The Shy Boys • Mother Yeti • Odyssey • Roselit Bone • Sama Dams • Taylor Kingman • Tommy Alexander • Tomten • Wimps

To explore the full lineup, ticket information, and FAQs, click here.